Mad Hatter Blog Hop Introducing New Design Team

We have a special blog hop planned for you this weekend!

We would like to start by announcing the Lindy’s Stamp Gang 2013 Design Team!

First, we want to thank everyone who applied for the design team. All the entries were amazing! If we could pick them all, we would! However, we had to narrow it down to 5 designers. Without further ado here are the new designers, in no particular order:

Lizzy Mary Irina

Helen Lynne

To celebrate our new team and new color line, Mad Hatter, we’re having a blog hop! It starts today, September 5th 2013 and runs through September 9th, 2013. Up for grabs are THREE gift certificates, each for $50 USD! So hop along, visit all the designers, and be sure to leave them a comment!

Mad Hatter Matching guide lindy's stamp gang starbursts flat fabios glitter shimmer sparkle shine spray ink Pin it for future reference, and feel free to download it as well!

Today the ladies will be featuring Mad Hatter. Mad Hatter is available for purchase in Sprays, matching Embossing Powders, Glitters and Magical Micas!

Are you ready to hop along?

Helen Irina Lizzy Lynne Mary Cindy Jessica Kate Limor


When you’re done hopping, come back here and tell us what you’d purchase with a $50 gift certificate!

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88 Responses to Mad Hatter Blog Hop Introducing New Design Team

  1. sydneyneal2 says:

    Am totally in love with this new line!!! The colors are so beautiful!!! Can’t wait to order them and start using them!!!
    So… IF I won, I would purchase this line, the Mad Hatter collection!!! I just love these so much!!!🙂
    Thank you so much for the products you offer!!! And, for having an awesome design team!!!

  2. Fantastic hop. I just love all these new colors, so perfect for now and for the holidays coming up. Amazing set. Now I just need every piece of it plus the new ones about to come out, NEED those too, lol. Lindys are of course a luxury but also a necessity!!🙂

  3. Elena says:

    I visited everyone and was inspired every blog I went too. If I won, I would invest in Mad Hatter 8 color Embossing set and some spray

  4. Brigita says:

    I don’t have many LSG items yet. so would still try the little sets but loving the bright colors of this new Mad Hatter set.

  5. Jeanniek says:

    I love the new Mad Hatter color sets. I would get a set of those and replenish some of my sprays. Good Luck everyone.

  6. Love the Flat Fabios … but would definitely pick up the Cheshire Cat Cherry, love that colour!

  7. Lisa Reynolds says:

    I just received my first lindy products and can’t wait to play this w/e. There are so many products I would like to have, but after this blog hop I would definitly use gift certificate for some embossing powder and sprays. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Janea says:

    I would definitely pick up more Magicals! I love the versatility of them. I need more greens, blues, yellows, pinks, purples, browns, oranges. Everything but reds. I’m just not too into that color.

  9. Shaymin says:

    I absolutely love the Mad Hatter collection, so it would most definitely be the first thing in my cart if I won. I love seeing all the different ways the products can be used.

  10. Amanda Kurtz says:

    Love the hop, great talent!!! I NEED the Mad Hatter embossing set! NEED I tell you!! Plus, I have my eye on a *few* sprays.

  11. tiffanyspaperdesigns says:

    Wow!! What gorgeous and fun projects. So much inspiration.

  12. tiffanyspaperdesigns says:

    Wow!!! What gorgeous and fun projects. So much inspiration. I would stock up on all my favorite sprays if I won.

  13. О, с большим удовольствием прыгала!))) столько удивительных работ и чудесных воплощений! столько вдохновения и идей!! очень хочу выиграть!!!!

  14. Peg Hewitt says:

    Wow, your DT is amazing, all those projects were oustanding!
    LSG is totally new to me, and I’m a mist addict from way back!
    If I were lucky enough to win a $50 voucher these would be my first (but no means my last) pick…

  15. ola-la77 says:

    very beautiful paints and sprays!!! Already ordered some of them…. I попрыгала all blogs and want to buy a gift certificate…. I’d like to try a new collection!!!

  16. Юлия says:

    Мне очень нравятся Mad Hatter Embossing Powders and sprays !

  17. Scout says:

    Congrats to the new dt members!! I’m so excited for you.Honestly i would buy any lindy products, i think it would take hours for me to decide what to buy!!( : Thank you for having this hop!!!! Scout

  18. Such a beautiful and gorgeous line!! This is definitely the line I would buy if I were to win!!! Mad Hatter all the way!!

  19. Christine G. says:

    Love all the creations on the blog hop. Love the colours in the Mad Hatter series….just started playing with my sprays in the series. I definitely know what I want to buy if I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate….Industrial Chic and some other colours I have on my list.

  20. Jane says:

    Wow $50 lots and lots of sprays. and ladies your creations are awesome.

  21. oddgirl art says:

    Love all the DT pages! I am eager to try the starburst sprays!

  22. Thanks for the hop; it was fun and I learned a lot! I would definitely require some of the Mad Hatter Starbursts and EP, then pick up some more Ghostly Gargoyle White because I love how it tones the colors down when I get trigger happy… LOL

  23. Cathi says:

    I love your new Mad Hatter range!! If I won the $50, I would add to my pretty huge Lindy’s stash with the new Mad Hatter Starbursts and Limor’s new Industrial Chic!!! Love them both!!

  24. Elizabeth Warren says:

    Love all the DT’s projects and styles, im excited to see what they create in the future! With a $50 gift certificate to LSG, I would buy more magical micas because I’m OBSESSED with them and probably some moon shadow sprays or embossing powders =]

  25. Bonnie Shackles says:

    Great blog hop! I enjoyed seeing everyone’s projects and these new colors are so vibrant and beautiful. I have a whole wish list for LSG products so, I would have no problem spending the gift certificate, if I won. TFS, Bonnie🙂

  26. Юлия says:

    Понравились Embossing Powders and Sprays.

  27. sharlene peretini\ says:

    wow arent they all amazing!!! there were several techniques i have to try thanks for the blog hop lsg

  28. Keri says:

    Wow, this was such an inspirational blog hop, I loved seeing new projects with this gorgeous new Mad Hatter collection! After seeing the project details, I DEFINITELY need to buy: Curiouser Chartreuse, Mad Hatter Mint, Tweedle Dee Denim, Ghouly Goblin Green emboss, Silver Moon Mistletoe emboss, Sea Foam glitter, and a moon shadow ink green label set!🙂🙂 Thanks so much for the chance to win, and for sharing these beautiful projects and talented new designers with us!

  29. ola-la77 says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a prize! I liked sprays and colors!!! Really want to win!!!!

  30. Thanks a lot for all these inspirations. I think I’m going to try a bit of each product you sell including the news.

  31. Loulou says:

    Fantastic hop. So many gorgeous projects. I’ve been a fan of Lindy’s Stamp Gang projects since stumbling onto Sparkle tart on the web and then doing a class with the amazing Kate Palmer did at a Brisbane craft show. I have a wonderful collection of sprays, so if I won I think maybe I’d invest in some embossing powder or magicals, but then again I’m sure I’d find some must have colours in the new range like that mad hatter mint and gorgeous purple.

  32. lescreationsdemariemily says:

    Wow! I just saw lots of lovely projects hopping around! Thanks for organising this blog hop. As for my purchases, I would go with some mists, most of them being from the Starbursts and Moon Shadow lines. I have my eyes on a few colors now, my favourite being Bucaneer Bay Blue and Smokey Sapphire in the Moon Shadow line, and Bells of Ireland and Witch’s Potion in the Starbursts collection. I really hope I’ll be a winner… can’t wait to start working with those products!🙂

  33. Awesome blog hop! Loved seeing such a variety of projects using so many different products and techniques! I love the whole Mad Hatter collection – it is fantastic – if I had to pick one element of it, I guess it would be the Starbursts! Love the sparkle🙂

  34. Awesome blog hop and amazing projects!! The top of my wish list is Limor’s new set coming out on September 17th. I have the Mat Hatter set on order and run to the post office every day looking for it!! Good luck to whoever wins!

  35. syeda says:

    Amazing projects by your design team.Some of them just left me in awe. It was really fun hopping. I would definitely buy the Cheshire Cat Cherry,Curiouser Chartreuse (I fell in love with the two starbursts as I saw your design team use them in their projects so can’t wait to try my hand at it.) and angel wings gold. I would also buy the gelli plate. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to win.

  36. Great work I have seen on this blog hop. Just love all the beautiful colours. x

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